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Proclamations from Prof Goodlife

  • Drinking & Driving: Keep a good time a good time. You do the drinking, and I'll do the driving.
  • Safe Sex (for the Ladies): If he doesn't bag it, he ain't gonna tag it!
  • Gambling: Bet the beer money, not the milk money.
  • Personal Goals: A good starter knows how to charter.
  • Kindness: Kindness can be contagious; catch the disease.
  • Opinions: Have one!
  • Questioning: Question always!...Almost always.
  • Tradition: Start one! Become part of one.
  • Utopia: How good can it be without fault, failure, and imperfection?
  • Veracity: The amount of veracity in your words measures the depth of your character.

Live a Safe Lifestyle!

  • Self-disciplined
  • Always Accountable
  • Fair-minded
  • Ethically Bound

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